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Creedroomz bills itself as a provider of services designed to help gaming and casino brands – and it’s easy to see why. This firm caters to companies that are looking to set up their casino websites by providing them both with games thatit has developed in-house as well as solutions packages.

The solutions it offers are diverse. They include live casino services with top features such as multiple table limits as well as game data and statistics. The company also offers an unusual service called ‘Land to Live Technologies’, which involves filming in a studio and ‘beaming’ that video stream abroad. This is all in addition to the games itoffers, which will be explored in further detail below.

History of Creedroomz

Creedroomzdates back to2011, which means that it has had over a decade in business. Since then, it has managed to grow to a mid-sized company. It now has over 500 employee son its books, so it has plenty of expertise already locked in.

As outlined above, the company has diversified its offer to a large extent. It has managed to secure everything from live technologies to dedicated table game offers, meaning that it has used its time in business to turn itself into a full-service provider that can change the game for the casino sites that use it.

The company has also used its time in existence wisely when it comes to creating partnerships. It has struck up deals, for example, with firms such as Bet Construct – which goes to show that the company can build the relationships it needs to become a top player in this space.

Creedroomz Top Games

The focus of Creedroomz is largely on table games, which include blackjack, baccarat, and roulette. The blackjack game, in particular, is an interesting choice: it comes with UK certification and has eight decks to choose from as well a ‘double after split’ function and even a surrender option.

The BetOnPoker game is also packed with features that players love to see. It’s possible to have four rounds of betting for each game with 18 betting positions, as well as an unlimited number of players and attractive margins thatare higher than 9%.

Alternative forms of poker are also available at this provider. There is Russian Poker available, for example, which is a variation on the traditional forms of poker. It’s in these sorts of games that Creedroomz comes into its own in terms of its understanding of technology: it offers a multi-camera view that gives players a dynamic visual experience, while it also offers the chance for an unlimited number of players to win.

Finally, there are also some baccarat options that players can pick from. Dragon Tiger, for example, is a two-card baccarat game thatis popular in Asia and further afield. This game is also particularly known for having a range of side bet choices with a variety of branding options. Operators can also configure the table limits so that they can fully customize what’s available.

Creedroomz Notable Awards

Creedroomz has been recognized in various ways by the industry it works in. It was recently notified, for example, that its partner organization Bet Construct had been given the right to operate in Lithuania and Latvia through receiving GLI certification.

Creedroomz Summary

Creedroomz, then, is more than just a game creator. It’s a provider of lots of different services, including those thatoffer gaming brands the opportunity to build their full-service platforms and even access data.

Where Creedroomz will go next is not wholly clear. It might choose to focus on enhancing its reputation in the sector by securing some awards, for example, though this is uncertain – it may choose not to do this. As a firm thatalready has a diverse service offer, it’s hard to see where it might wish to go after this!